What Is EuroOdds?

EuroOdds is designed to help you with your European Championships Betting. We are not a bookmaker but do link to many bookmakers to make it easier for users to gain the recommended odds with the recommended bookmakes. All of the bookmakers that are recommended are highly reputable. The main aim of EuroOdds is to help you find interesting events to gamble on, and then to provide useful information about that event such as the best odds, some tips and what sort of bets can be made.

Is EuroOdds Free?

EuroOdds is completely free to use, the only monetary transactions will take place between the user and the bookmaker and those will be done through the bookmakers' sites.

Do I Need To Register To Use EuroOdds?

EuroOdds requires no registration, users of EuroOdds have access to all of the information available to any user.

How Can I Support EuroOdds?

EuroOdds is a free site making its money from bookmaker advertising. You can help us in two ways:
1. Help us keep costs down by only asking us questions when you really need to and you're sure its not answered in the help sections
2. Using the links on EuroOdds when you open accounts with bookmakers as often that is how we make our money.

Can I advertise On EuroOdds?

If you have any questions about advertising on EuroOdds please get in touch with us here.

Could There By Any Errors On EuroOdds?

Much work has gone into the content on EuroOdds and the most important aspects, such as facts and figurs, should all be accurate. It is inevitable with the volumes of content and information we are dealing with that some small errors or typing mistakes may have been made and not spotted. If you notice any please let us know so that we can amend them.

Do We Run Any Other Websites?

On the betting side we have specialist sites for the European Championships which isEuro Odds, Grand National, and Cheltenham Betting. We also have an odds comparison site ValueChecker and a live sports scores site MyScores. There are more on the way too!

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