Red Cards

It is worth looking at how many red cards there have been at each European Championship since the format changed to the current format, that gives us four European Championships to examine, although more consideration should be given to the more recent tournament or two as they are a stronger representation of how the game is refereed today.

Year Red Cards Yellow Cards
2012 3 123
2008 3 121
2004 5 152
2000 9 122
1996 7 153

Red Cards Analysis

Most bookmakers will be setting 7 or 8 red cards as their bench mark leaving it up to punters to decide whether it will be under or over, or even exact if you wish to be precise.

As usual there will be something that refs have been told to clamp down on and before the tournament we are unlikely to find out what it is until a few games have been played and we can see for ourselves.

If it is dissent then the number of red cards could be particularly high but it is unlikely that this would be given a test drive in an international tournament where the language barrier is going to mean a lot of what is being said won’t be understood.

Euro 04 had 6 sendings off and Euro 08 and Euro 12 had just 3 so if we presume that UEFA are not going to introduce any drastic clamp downs we could be looking at around 2-4 sendings off in an ordinary tournament. However there will be more teams and more games from Euro 16 onwards which means this number surely has to increase and perhaps the number at Euro 16 is most likely to be 4-6.

Recommended Bet: Back less than 8 red cards

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