Tournament Goals

Goals At The European Championships

The stats for the number of goals in each European Championship tournament are below. It is worth noting that the 31 match format was only used between Euro 96 and Euro 12.

Year Total Goals Goals Per Match
2012 76 2.45
2008 77 2.48
2004 77 2.48
2000 85 2.74
1996 64 2.06
1992 32 2.13
1988 34 2.27
1984 41 2.73
1980 27 1.93
1976 19 4.75
1972 10 2.5
1968 7 1.4
1964 13 3.25
1960 17 4.25

Tournament Goals Analysis

From previous evidence from major international tournaments involving European nations (European Championships and World Cups) there is most likely to be an average of goals between 2.06 and 2.74 per game. That would put the number of goals at Euro 16 between 106 and 140.

That's a pretty big gap so we should narrow it down some more. With other European Championships in the not too distant past producing 77 goals and 32 goals (that was when there were just 16 matches, that average goals per game would have producde 66 goals in recent tournaments) it seems the total goals in the tournament is more likely to be at the lower end of that scale than the higher end.

Stats are very useful but they don't tell the full story. It is also necessary to consider the teams, draw and tactics of the up and coming tournament. There are some very talented attacking players on display at Euro 12 but there might not be that many goals. Many European sides are quite defensive and base their success on not conceding many goals. There is also a tendency these days for sides that have a poorer quality of player to play one striker and get many player behind the ball in order to snatch a victory when it is not particularly deserved. Greece won Euro 2004 by winning each of their knockout games 1-0.

With all of this considered we are probably not in for such a low scoring event as Euro 96 but it may not be too far off. A total a couple of goals either side of 127 sounds most likely which would be around 2.5 goals per game.

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