What Is Trading?

Every bet doesn’t have to be a winning one these days for you to make money, due to the popularity of betting exchanges it is now possible to make plenty of money through trading sporting events and huge tournaments such as the European Championships lend themselves ideally to trading.

Trading usually involves getting out of a bet early once it becomes more likely that the bet will when, and therefore when the odds have changed. This is done by backing an outcome and then laying it (betting on it to lose) at a shorter price or laying an outcome and then backing it to win when the odds have increased.

Spotting good trading opportunities isn’t about choosing the most likely winner of each market, it is about finding either underpriced or overpriced outcomes in each market. You can often make more money backing a 50/1 shot that may trade as low as 10/1 than backing a 2/1 winner.

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How To Make Money From European Championship Trading

So to make money out of trading at the European Championships you need to look at each market available on the tournament and pick selections that you think are going to increase or decrease dramatically in price, small changes aren’t really enough to lock in a decent amount of profit. Then you can lay them or back them respectively with a view to doing the opposite (back if you laid or lay if you backed) once the price has changed. Here are our thoughts on some areas we think should be profitable:

Trading Teams To Start The Group Badly But Still Qualify

We know that two teams will qualify from each of the four European Championships groups and it is inevitable that some sides will lose their first game and still go on to qualify from the group, especially if they have their toughest game up first.

When a team loses (or even draws) their first match the odds on them qualifying should get bigger, so if you have laid them to qualify before the first game, then they get bigger, you can then back them at a bigger price to secure a guaranteed profit whatever happens.

Trading Teams Who Are Overpriced To Win The European Championships

All the teams that qualify for the Second Round of the Euros should shorten in the European Championship Outright Betting as there will be less teams left in and therefore they should theoretically have a better chance of going all the way in the tournament. The odd exception might be a weak team that qualifies only to be drawn against the tournament favourites but you can avoid backing these as the draw is already planned out before the tournament starts.

You can back some teams to in the outright European Championship betting before the tournament starts and then after the Group Stage you can lay them in the same market at a shorter price, which means you can either have a free bet on them to go all the way if they are one of the stronger contenders or you can simply lock in a profit whatever happens by laying them for a bit more than you initially backed them.

Trading Teams Who Are Underpriced To Win The European Championship

The bookies get a lot right but they also get many things wrong and with these tournaments there can only be one winner, which means several of the fancied teams are going to fail to win.

If you can identify a well fancied team that should go out in one of the earlier stages, preferably the group stage, you can lay them to win the tournament before the first round of games and then back them to win it after one or two games when presumably their odds will have increased.

One of the best opportunities for this type of trade is if there is a very strong group (usually known as the Group of Death. In 2006 France were drawn alongside Holland, Italy and Romania and many fancied France to win that group but they weren’t performing well outside of France and had their work cut out anyway against some very strong opponents. Those who laid them pre tournament were paid off very quickly and you could have backed them at a much bigger price after their first and second group games.

Trading Goalscorers In The Groups

It usually takes around five goals to become the Golden Boot in the European Championships and the award usually goes to a player that has played at least five matches, which means his team needs to reach the semi finals. There are players who are held back somewhat by the standard of their team who should score two or three goals in the group stage but probably won’t play enough games to become the European Championships Golden Boot. Players who already have the goals in the back can trade at a very short price in the Golden Boot betting, even if you don’t think their team is going to get fair enough for them to continue scoring. Identifying players for some of the non elite sides who should score a few goals in the group, particularly if they face a group ‘whipping boy’ in the first game or two of the group means you can back them early to be the top scorer and then lay off for a nice profit once they have scored a couple of goals and shortened in the betting.

European Championship Trading Advice – Pre Tournament Backs

These are the bets we expect to trade shorter than the pre tournament odds at some point at Euro 2016, allowing you to lay off for a guaranteed profit using betting exchanges.

European Championship Trading Advice – Pre Tournament Lays

These are the bets we expect to trade bigger than the pre tournament odds at some point at Euro 2016, allowing you to trade out for a guaranteed profit by backing through betting exchanges or bookies.

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